ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls

Material: Ionomer
Color: Matte mix 24 pack
Number of Items: 24

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Designed to elevate the golfer’s experience, this ball offers an impressive combination of distance and an incredibly soft feel.

The Softening Hybrid Ionomer Thin Cover technology enhances the overall softness of the ball, providing a satisfying feel and ensuring a soft landing on the green. With every shot, golfers can experience unparalleled comfort and control, leading to improved performance on the course.

Equipped with an ultra-low compression energy core, the Accufli Max Soft generates remarkable ball speed while maintaining accuracy. Golfers can expect increased distance and precise shot placement, giving them the confidence to tackle any fairway or approach shot with ease.

The aerodynamic dimple design of this golf ball plays a vital role in reducing drag and maximizing total distance. Each swing benefits from enhanced lift and reduced air resistance, resulting in longer carries and extended overall distance.

The Accufli Max Soft also boasts a vivid fluorescent soft feel matte finish. This exceptional finish not only enhances visibility, ensuring the ball is easily tracked, but also contributes to the overall soft feel and aesthetic appeal of the ball.

Experience the outstanding performance and unmatched softness of the Accufli Max Soft. With its advanced features and exceptional design, this golf ball is poised to revolutionize your game and provide an unforgettable playing experience.