CHAMPKEY Golf Grips 13 Pack – All Weather Perfo

Color: Black
Grip Type: Black
Grip Size: Midsize
Grip Material: Rubber

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Included in the set are 13 golf grips, 15 golf tapes, a rubber vise clamp, 5 oz. solvent, a grip knife, and a guide to re-gripping.

The Cross Cotton Thread Technique enhances the grip’s upper half with an increased count of cotton threads, ensuring remarkable durability, stability, and control.

With its Micro-Texture design, the grip offers a soft touch, improved traction, and comfort. Paired with brushed cotton thread, it ensures consistent control in all weather conditions.

The grip’s lower section utilizes a responsive material, delivering accurate ball feedback and a gentle feel, helping to ease hand pressure.

Its Taper Profile design fosters a lighter grip pressure, reducing hand tension and facilitating a more fluid, powerful swing.