Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel

Brand: Mile High Life
Towel form type: Bath Towel
Material: Microfiber
Product Dimensions: 21″L x 16″W

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CLEANLINESS: The waffle-designed microfiber excels at eliminating dirt, mud, sand, and grass, outperforming traditional cotton towels. The dual-sided brush effectively cleans both irons and woods.

COLOR RANGE: Choose a hue to match your bag, club, or favorite team. Available in PINK, BLUE, BLACK/DARK NAVY, RED, BROWN, ORANGE, DARK GREEN, PURPLE.

TOWEL: The Tri-fold Microfiber, sporting a waffle pattern, expertly removes dirt, mud, sand, and grass, a step ahead of cotton towels. Measures 16” x 21” and comes equipped with a heavy-duty aluminum clip/carabiner for easy attachment to your golf bag, preventing loose clips and misplaced towels.

BRUSH: Robust brush effortlessly removes stubborn dirt from any iron/wood clubs without causing scratches. The sharp pick is ideal for tough dirt lodged in grooves. The brush offers a soft yet firm grip, ergonomically designed for all weather conditions. The 2 Ft retractable zip-line can be secured to the bag, offering easy access and use during play.