Trojan T-125 6V 240Ah Flooded Lead Acid GC2 Deep Cycle Battery

Number of Batteries: 2 Unknown batteries required.
Battery Cell Composition: Lead Acid
Recommended Uses For Product: Wheelchair
Voltage: 6 Volts

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The Trojan T-125 battery is versatile and can be used in a wide range of settings, including RVs, homes, cabins, and renewable energy systems. Whether you’re powering your recreational vehicle, providing energy for your off-grid living space, or utilizing renewable energy sources, this battery is up to the task.

With a BCI Group Size of GC2, the Trojan T-125 battery is specifically engineered to meet the demands of multiple applications. It features dimensions of 10.30 inches in length (262mm), 7.13 inches in width (181mm), and 11.15 inches in height (283mm). Weighing 66 pounds, this battery strikes the perfect balance between capacity and portability.

The Trojan T-125 battery is highly recommended for various uses, including Golf Cars, RVs, Marine applications, Solar & Wind Energy systems, Floor Machines, Man Lifts, Aircraft Tugs, and Trucks. Its robust construction and deep-cycle design ensure reliable power delivery and long-lasting performance across these diverse applications.