Taylormade TP5 Balls for Golf

Brand: TaylorMade
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Item Weight: 1 Pounds

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Witness the power of explosive carry distances produced by our latest, high-performance dimple pattern. This unique 322-dimple design boosts aerodynamics to new heights. The shallow dimples minimize drag during the ball’s ascent, while their steep walls capture air during descent, keeping the ball in the air for an extended period.

TaylorMade’s exclusive 5-part ball construction is the secret to enhanced speed without compromising spin performance. It includes a bigger, more reactive Tri-Fast Core for optimal carry and minimal drag, paired with a Dual-Spin Cover.

This ultra-soft, highly durable cast urethane cover ensures TP5 provides outstanding performance from tee to green, with no trade-offs. The result is a ball that encourages fast launch, extended carry distances, and a sharp angle of descent – particularly beneficial for long irons.

Incorporating a High-Flex Substance (HFS), TP5 provides elevated ball speeds through a pronounced rebound effect. HFS operates like a tightly coiled spring, accumulating energy and rebounding swiftly, generating enhanced ball speed.

Comprising four progressively rigid layers, the Speed-Layer Mechanism is designed to boost ball speed. This design leads to increased carry distance from the tee, superior control in windy conditions, and augmented spin when you’re close to the greens.