Stripebird Golf Magnetic Phone Holder

Compatible Devices: Smartphones
Compatible Phone Models: Samsung, LG, IPhone
Special Feature: Rotatable

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Enjoy universal compatibility with all types and brands of smartphones, whether they are in a case or not. The Magnetic Phone Holder features an ultra-slim profile and expandable design, ensuring a secure fit for any smartphone. Stay connected and keep your phone within reach throughout your golfing session.

Capture your swing like a pro with the versatile photo and video-taking capabilities of the Phone Holder. Whether you prefer portrait or landscape mode, this holder allows you to record your swing from various angles for in-depth analysis and improvement. Gain valuable insights into your technique and make meaningful adjustments to elevate your game.

With the Phone Holder, you’ll never miss an important moment on the course. Easily access your phone to record scores, check golf GPS apps, and stay connected with calls and texts. There’s no need to uninstall or detach your phone from the holder—simply remove the holder from the metal surface and attend to your phone as needed.

Forget complicated installations or bulky accessories. The Magnetic Phone Holder requires no installation whatsoever. Just insert your phone into the holder, tighten it with the metal thumbscrew for a snug fit, and stick it onto any metal surface such as the golf cart, golf irons, or Stripebird Hub (sold separately). Its rugged design ensures it can withstand the rigors of being in your golf bag, and it comes with a premium dust bag for easy and safe storage.