SealLine Blocker Compression Waterproof Stuff Sack

Brand: SealLine
Color: Orange
Material: Nylon
Style: Blocker Compression Waterproof Stuff Sack
Closure Type: Buckle



This exceptional dry bag boasts a distinctive waterproof PurgeAir valve, a game-changer that expels trapped air with ease, while surpassing conventional breathable fabric membranes in both durability and waterproofing capabilities.

Its unique flat-sided, rectangular design is a space-saving marvel, outperforming traditional rounded sacks by accommodating 20% more, effortlessly slotting into your backpack or duffel with utmost efficiency.

The Continuous Compression system envelops the sack, diminishing seam strain to the bare minimum, enhancing its overall durability.

Engineered from lightweight 70D polyurethane-coated nylon, it’s a testament to toughness and resilience, standing head and shoulders above most other ultralight dry sacks on the market.

Crafted with RF welded seams, it’s a paragon of durability and waterproofing when compared to the average sewn-and-taped seams.

The roll-top closure not only guarantees a secure seal but does so without a wrinkle, thanks to its stiffening strip, ensuring that your valuables remain untouched by moisture.

At just 4.4 oz (120 g), the 10-liter dry sack is impressively lightweight and measures 4.3 x 8.2 x14.1 in (11 x 21 x 36 cm), making it the ultimate companion for your adventures.