NRS – Chinook Fishing PFD

Brand: NRS
Life Vest Type: Type III
Material: Nylon
Size: XS/M,



Its spacious front-access layout, complete with a zipper that extends the full length, is designed for comfort and ease of use. The mesh lower back is not only compatible with high-back seats but also promotes airflow for added comfort.

The flotation device is filled with soft PlushFIT foam that molds to your body shape, and it offers several adjustment points for a personalized fit. It comes equipped with two large zippered compartments, two additional accessory pockets, and a dedicated pocket for tools.

Additional features include a loop for attaching a strobe holder at the front, a knife lash tab, shoulder strap retainers, and elements that reflect light for increased visibility. Despite its robust design, it only weighs an average of 2.15 lbs. and provides 16.5 lbs. of flotation.