Peak Refuel Variety Meal Kit

  • Total Servings: 12
  • Calories: 4920
  • Protein: 239 grams
  • Pouches: 6
  • Assorted Flavors: Biscuits & Gravy, Strawberry Granola, Beef Pasta Marinara, Sweet Pork & Rice, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, and Chicken Teriyaki with Rice.


Elevate your outdoor dining experience with our delectable backpacking meals. Crafted with the same care as a home-cooked meal, these dishes are perfect companions for your adventures, be it scaling mountains or lounging at your preferred campsite.

They take pride in using only 100% USDA inspected meat, absolutely no TVP or fillers. Enjoy nearly twice the protein per serving compared to most outdoor meal options on the market.

Peak Refuel recognizes the value of time and the importance of carrying a light load on the trail. That’s why Peak Refuel prepared meals are not only lightweight but also require minimal water for cooking or rehydration. In 10 minutes or less, your meal is ready to enjoy.

All Peak Refuel meals undergo the freeze-drying process and packaging right here in the USA. Your satisfaction is our priority; should you have any inquiries or concerns.