Chicken of the Sea Sardines in Water

  • Diet: Keto, Paleo
  • Ingredients: Sardines, Water, Salt
  • Ready to eat


  1. Savor the Richness: These Wild-Caught Chicken of the Sea Sardines in Water are your culinary canvas, ready to elevate your favorite dishes or stand deliciously solo.
  2. Nutrient-Rich: Packed with protein, calcium, and omega-3s, these sardines are a powerhouse of nutrition. Perfect for keto, paleo, and Mediterranean diets, they fit seamlessly into any healthy lifestyle.
  3. Sustainability First: Responsibly sourced, because we’re committed to safeguarding our oceans for generations to come.
  4. Pure Simplicity: These sardines are gluten-free and made with just the essentials – no preservatives. Keeping it simple and natural.
  5. Economical 18-Pack: Save big when you stock up with our bulk 18-pack. Each order brings you 18 cans, each containing 3.75 ounces of these nutritious, delectable sardines. Your pantry’s new best friend.