PaleoPro Carnivore Complete Pastured & Cage-Free Protein

Brand: Paleo Pro
Form: Powder
Flavor: Ancient Cacao
Diet Type: Keto

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This unique product combines grass-fed and pasture-raised beef collagen with cage-free egg white protein to provide you with a wholesome source of nutrition.

Experience the nose-to-tail revolution with protein blend. It has included essential fats from pastured beef tallow along with a carefully crafted blend of nutrient-rich grass-fed beef organs. This comprehensive approach ensures you’re getting a well-rounded and nourishing protein supplement.

Maintaining a keto lifestyle? Look no further. PaleoPro Carnivore boasts incredible keto macros, with just 130 calories per serving. You’ll enjoy 13g of protein and collagen, coupled with 13g of healthy fats. Say goodbye to sugar and net carbs, as our formula contains 0 grams of both.

Indulge your taste buds with delicious flavors. Choose between natural cocoa powder or vanilla, expertly sweetened with zero-calorie monk fruit. Each sip is a delightful and guilt-free treat.

PaleoPro Carnivore is diet-friendly and incredibly easy to prepare. Simply add water, mix, and enjoy. Rest assured, it’s formula is free from soy, dairy, grains, gluten, and added sugar.

Upgrade your protein intake with a PaleoPro Carnivore premium blend of sustainable ingredients.