Bsn True-Mass Weight Gainer

  • Brand: BSN
  • Form: Powder
  • Flavor: Chocolate
  • Diet Type: Vegetarian
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BSN TRUE-MASS creates an undeniable impact, facilitating remarkable muscle gains when combined with rigorous training. This top-tier mass gainer, TRUE-MASS, is designed to bolster muscle growth and recovery, tailored for athletes with higher-than-average caloric demands. Whether used after workouts, in between meals, or before sleep, TRUE-MASS weight gainer becomes your ally in replenishing post-training and priming your body with essential nutrients for the most demanding routines. The transformation is striking.

With a balanced 2-to-1 ratio of energy-boosting carbohydrates to muscle-nurturing protein, each serving delivers a substantial 90 grams of carbs, accompanied by 46-50 grams of protein, yielding 700-710 calories, BSN’s renowned flavor mastery guarantees a lavish, milkshake-esque indulgence.