MG Golf Balls Senior Longest

Brand: MG Golf
Color: White/Yellow
Sport: Golf
Number of Items: 12



Experience a new level of golfing excitement with the MG Senior Ball and the MG Ladies Ball. Designed to make golf enjoyable and less frustrating, these balls offer incredible distance that will leave you amazed.

Whether you’re a senior golfer or a lady golfer, these balls are tailored to optimize your performance. Prepare to witness astonishing distance gains, especially if your drives fall below the 250-yard mark. The MG Senior and Ladies Ball soar higher and cover longer distances, providing an exhilarating sensation upon impact and a unique sound that sets them apart.

Not only will these balls enhance your drives, but they will also grant you an extra 1-1/2 clubs of distance with your irons. Feel the joy of effortlessly reaching greater lengths on the course, and let the MG Senior Ball and the MG Ladies Ball revolutionize your golfing experience.