Detroit Axle – 6-Lug 4WD Front CV Axle Drive Shafts

Brand: Detroit Axle
Product Type: Front CV Axle Drive Shafts Assembly
ABS System: Not compatible with ABS on Axle
Drive System: 4WD



This product is perfectly suited for 4×4 vehicles with 6-lug models and no ABS on the axle. For precise information and to confirm compatibility with your specific model, consult the fitment chart and product details.

The kit comes complete with two front CV axle shafts. Each axle boasts an overall length of 22 15/16″, a 6-hole bolt-on inner spline, and a 33 outer spline. The inner form is designed in a ‘can’ style.

Importantly, these axle shafts are remanufactured in Detroit, USA, and are backed by a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind