ZOWIE EC1-B Divina Version Mouse

  • Brand: BenQ
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Movement Detection: Technology Optical
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Designed with ergonomics in mind, this mouse caters to various grip styles. For those who favor the palm grip, its top shell offers a comfortable curve, cradling your hand with relaxed support for your palm and fingers.

In the case of a claw grip, where fingers curl together with palm support, the curved back of the mouse ensures even contact with the lower palm, enhancing your grip while allowing flexible movement from the front of your palm to your fingertips.

Notably, the mouse’s right side is raised at the front, providing ample space for your 4th and little fingers. Combined with the curved back, this design affords flexibility for your 2nd and 3rd fingers, making button clicks effortless.

Furthermore, a concave curve on the right side ensures a secure and comfortable hold for your 4th and little fingers, preventing accidental slips.

Strategically positioned side buttons minimize the risk of unintentional clicks and provide a convenient resting place for your thumb.

Incorporating a seamless and sleek design, this mouse eliminates discomfort caused by jagged edges or unnecessary protrusions, prioritizing your ergonomic comfort above all else.