YOOYIST LED Egg Bubble Waffle Iron Machine Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

  • Brand: YOOYIST
  • Special Features: Temperature Control, Keep Warm Setting, Non Stick Coating, Programmable
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage: 1200 watts
  • Voltage: 0.01 Volts (AC)
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Experience precise temperature control like never before with our innovative intelligent temperature control system. Unlike traditional knob-type controls, our system employs an advanced PID algorithm that continually analyzes temperature data and trends, automatically adjusting heating to maintain your desired temperature. This results in a temperature deviation of no more than 2-3 degrees, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection, every time.

Enhancing convenience, our hotel-grade Belgian waffle iron machines come equipped with an upgraded 3-meter long power cord. Say goodbye to restrictive power sources and welcome more flexibility in your cooking space.

Crafted with your health in mind, our Belgian waffle iron baking pan is made from Poly Tetra Fluoroethylene (PTFE). This material not only boasts non-stick properties but also high-temperature resistance and eco-friendliness, making it entirely safe for you and the environment. Our industrial waffle maker baking pans have undergone rigorous testing, passing the SGS Test in accordance with US FDA standards (21 CFR 175.300 – Total Extractive Residues).

Indulge in thick, crispy waffles that are a cut above the rest. Our rotating flip waffle machine allows you to create substantial, classic waffles measuring 7.17 inches in diameter and 1.22 inches in thickness, a delightful treat for your taste buds.

Experience finesse in every detail with our restaurant-grade Belgian waffle maker. The corners of this professional waffle maker are meticulously polished, ensuring safety during use. After your culinary masterpiece, conveniently store it in a compact space, making it ideal for gatherings. Cleaning is a breeze with removable plates.

Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with the elegant stainless steel cover of our non-stick waffle maker. Not only does it look exquisite, but it’s also built to last with sturdy, high-quality screws.

Enjoy hassle-free cooking and easy cleanup with the non-stick coating design of our waffle machine. The parallel heating design ensures even cooking on both sides with uniform color, while the non-stick coating on both heating plates makes waffle removal effortless.

We stand by the quality of our product with an extended 60-day return policy and a generous 1-year warranty (non-human damage). Elevate your culinary experience with our intelligent Belgian waffle maker today.