Mongoose Hitch Men’s All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Bike Type: Mountain Bike
Age Range: Adult
Brand: Mongoose
Number of Speeds: 7
Wheel Size: 26 Inches

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Presenting the Mongoose Beach Bike, sporting super-sized 4 1/4″ tires adorned with rugged treads. This model features a cruiser-style framework designed to tackle any land type with ease due to ample clearance.

Equipped with a sturdy 4″ alloy wheel-set, it also comes with disc brakes for added control. This men’s fat-tire bike boasts both front and rear disc braking systems for optimal stopping power.

Crafted with a resilient steel mountain frame, this bike is prepared to face any trail head-on. Short and simple, it’s a sturdy, versatile, and adventure-ready ride.