Deka 9A34R AGM Intimidator Battery

  • Brand: Deka
  • Size: 10.75 x 6.875 x 8 inch
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds


Designed for seamless integration with factory-installed electronics, Intimidator automotive batteries redefine dependability in the face of intense power demands. Boasting nearly double the endurance in severe service and extended cycle life, these batteries are engineered to tackle the toughest conditions without compromising on reliable starting power.

Whether you’re pushing the limits in a tuner car or navigating off-road terrains, Intimidator automotive batteries deliver superior power for high-performance equipment. Their high-impact design ensures durability during rugged back road adventures.

Key Features:

  • Premium maintenance-free starting and cycle service power
  • 20 times more vibration protection safeguards battery performance over time
  • Faster recharging capability powers electronics for extended durations
  • Double the cycle life extends overall performance and battery lifespan
  • The spillproof design provides an additional layer of protection for sophisticated electronic equipment