Crave PD Power Bank, Plus PRO Aluminum Portable Charger with 20000mAh

Connector Type: USB Type C, USB, QC 3.0
Battery Capacity: 20000 Milliamp Hours
Compatible Phone: Models iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, iPad, Bluetooth speakers, GoPro cameras

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Crafted for unmatched dependability, durability, and comfort, this portable charger supports all mobile devices, including Macbooks and the latest laptops, thanks to Quick Charge 3.0, Fast Charge, and PD Type-C capabilities.

Its compact design and efficient power delivery make it an ideal travel companion. Utilizing Flat Battery Cell Technology, it charges devices at an impressively rapid pace.

This charger is compatible with all phones, tablets, mobile gadgets, and even the newest laptops that require PD Type-C output.