Carbon Express D-STROYER SD 400 6PK

  • Brand: ‎Carbon Express
  • Warranty: ‎Limited
  • Color: ‎Multi
  • Material: ‎Blend


Carbon Express continues to redefine accuracy in the world of archery with the groundbreaking D-Stroyer hunting arrow, cementing its reputation as the leader in high-performance archery equipment. Designed for seasoned hunters and archery enthusiasts, this arrow boasts unparalleled precision and cutting-edge technology.

The D-Stroyer hunting arrow stands out with its exclusive Dual Spine Weight Forward technology, setting new standards in accuracy. Carbon Express leverages this high-tech innovation to deliver twice the accuracy compared to traditional single spine arrows. The patented 2 Spine arrow shaft significantly reduces oscillation by 50% compared to single spine arrows, ensuring every shot is true and on target.

Crafted with precision and care, the D-Stroyer arrow features the K-360 patented outer layer construction, integrating a 100% high modulus carbon weave. This construction guarantees consistent spine strength and durability throughout the entire shaft length, enhancing overall performance.

Each arrow is laser-checked for straightness, ensuring a remarkable straightness tolerance of +/- .003″. The 6-pack sets are meticulously sorted and matched by weight, with a weight sorting tolerance of +/- 1.0 grains, guaranteeing best-in-class consistency. Available in both 350 and 400 spine options, these fletched arrows are a game-changer for any serious archer.