BESIGN LS10 Aluminum Laptop Stand

Enhanced Compatibility:

The Besign LS10 Laptop Stand is designed to be compatible with a wide range of laptops, including MacBook 12/13, MacBook Air 13, MacBook Pro 13/15 (2018/2017/2016), Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell, HP, ASUS, Chromebook, and other 10-14″ laptops.



  • Broaden Your Laptop Compatibility: Besign LS10 Laptop Stand accommodates laptops ranging from 10” to 14”, including popular models like Air 13, Pro 13/15, Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell, HP, ASUS, Chromebook, and more.
  • Ergonomic Excellence: Experience improved ergonomics with the adjustable height and angle of the LS10 Laptop Stand. Say goodbye to neck fatigue and discomfort as you find the perfect position for your laptop, effortlessly adjusted with a simple push or pull.
  • Stability and Protection: Crafted from premium aluminum alloy, this laptop stand ensures stability and can support up to 13 lbs (6kg) without any wobbling. The rubber holder hands securely grip your laptop, preventing scratches and providing reliable stability.
  • Efficient Cooling: Enjoy optimal laptop temperature with the open aluminum design, facilitating excellent ventilation and airflow to prevent overheating. Additionally, utilize the space beneath the stand to store peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, or other office items.
  • Flexible Adjustments: Made from sturdy aluminum, this laptop stand offers adjustable incline angles and customizable height options to suit your preferences and needs.