Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna – 2023 Upgraded

Experience Exceptional 1080p HDTV Reception: Enjoy high-quality content with TV antenna. Whether it’s NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, PBS, The CW, QUBO, Univision, RTV, This TV, ION, ME TV, or the weather channel, you’ll receive an impressive range of channels depending on your location.



Enjoy Full HD Channels: Say goodbye to expensive cable and satellite fees! Our digital TV antenna saves you money while providing access to hundreds of crystal-clear HDTV programs. Watch popular channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, Univision, and more without any additional cost.

Extended Reception Range: With a range of 450+ miles, our TV antenna captures a wide variety of channels. Advanced filtering technology removes cellular and FM signals, ensuring clear pictures and minimal noise for an excellent viewing experience.

360° Omnidirectional Reception: Place the antenna anywhere in your home—bedroom, living room, game room, RV, or tent. Its 360° design picks up free channels from any direction. Simply connect it using the included 18 coaxial cable and enjoy local channels hassle-free.

Easy Installation: Our indoor and outdoor antenna is effortless to set up. Connect it to your HDTV or set-top box, power it via USB, and you’re ready to go. Switch between short range (up to 35 miles) and long range (over 35 miles) with the amplifier.