ACDelco 94RAGM AGM Automotive Battery

Brand: ACDelco
Product Dimensions: 6.9″D x 12.4″W x 7.5″H
Number Of Cells: 1



This battery features a high-density negative paste, enhancing both performance and lifespan. Its advanced life alloy, combined with Silver Calcium stamped alloy, boosts the cycle life and further refines performance. The inclusion of high-density plate oxide ensures maximum efficiency and reliable high cycling service.

The use of a Calcium Lead positive grid in this battery is a standout feature, optimizing conductivity while maintaining low resistance. This design is both efficient and durable.

Its robust Envelope Separator is puncture-resistant, promoting increased acid circulation and preventing short circuits. This not only helps in cooling the battery but also significantly extends its lifespan. Additionally, the vent cap is ingeniously designed to prevent acid leakage.

The battery casing is crafted with precision. Its ribbed structure is 100% pressure tested, ensuring no future leaks and adding to the overall strength and rigidity of the product.

Every unit undergoes a thorough electrical short test to reduce the likelihood of early failures. The manufacturing process adheres strictly to high-quality standards, ensuring the product not only meets but often exceeds stringent quality requirements.